Homemade Pizza Dough- no really, it’s easy!

Let me just start off by saying I LOVE pizza. I always have. It is one of my major comfort foods. Within the list of my reigning all-time favorites (ice cream, chocolate, grilled cheese, salt and vinegar chips, tacos…i could go on) pizza is always in the top 5.   Pizza is always in my rotation … Continue reading

The Most Versatile Cleaning Product You Already Own

Earlier this week, my trusty non-Keurig brew bot demanded to be descaled. It has an automatic cycle so it was no sweat. My husband, however couldn’t help but wonder what, if any, cleanser he had to buy to keep our coffee lime-scale free longer. The company’s descaling powder retails for $6.99. Now, this isn’t exactly bank-breaking, but … Continue reading

Welcome to Contemporary Retro Housewife!

Greetings Internet! Welcome to the first post of Contemporary Retro Housewife. This is going to be a blog-venture for all of us, as this is my first foray into blogging on a (hopefully) regular basis. I intend to post on many diverse topics from which cleanser best removes pesky soap scum from the shower to … Continue reading