The ultimate retro wife accessory…. The apron!

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Every wife should have at least a few aprons on standby for any occasion.  They are not only functional, they are an expression of your style and personality.  Anyone can tell you, if you come into my house for a meal I am most likely wearing an apron.  If you happen upon on me in one of my many cleaning frenzies I am still, in an apron.  I couldn’t bear the thought of getting something on my clothing that wouldn’t come out.

As you know, Lucy and I both hold professional careers as well as maintain retro homes which means a lot is expected of us and there is rarely time to change out of work clothes.  I maintain aprons for several occasions and am always on the look out for new ones that reflect me.  If I knew how to sew I would be making an apron a month.  Yes, this Ethel has no clue how to sew.  Can’t even re-attach a button!  Lucy is fortunate to have Ricky who is pretty handy with a sewing machine.  I am completely reliant on others, like Ricky, to help me with all my sewing needs.


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I am a full apron kind of wife but maybe you are the waist apron type. I so frequently have things splashing up on me (I’m not quite sure why) that I don’t even feel compelled to don a waist apron.  You decide which type works best for the activity you will be engaging in.  It’s always a good idea to have several different options.

Once you have started to acquire the frilly, the basic and the expressionistic you must find a way to display them. Because what’s not to love about functional apparel that doubles as wall art

? Depending on your decor you could string them up on a small clothes line hung on the wall, put some hooks in the wall, or hang them on an existing shelf which has pegs or hooks already installed.  The possibilities are endless.

I hope this has encouraged you to find your own apron style and start a collection of your own!

Keep it retro!


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