The New Contemporary Retro Housewives: Welcome Ethel!

It has been a long hiatus for this Lucy. A new job, the launch of a Rockabilly business, and a few ongoing home renovations later, the fire is refueled and I am extremely pleased to announce that my real life sister-in-law/best friend “Ethel” is joining me as a contributor to CRH! And yes, for those of you who are curious, those nicknames aren’t just for blogging. Our husbands (“Ricky” and “Fred” naturally) and families get a kick out of referring to us as our favorite TV housewives.

Ethel’s first posts are coming very shortly. I’ll be completely honest she is my source for many tips and tricks so I am looking forward to her additions to the blog as much as you all are. Her first post will be about menu planning. Thank goodness. I am not at all a menu planner. Ricky works late, I work early, sometimes I throw a sandwich together, sometimes I get excited and make full-on fajitas. And of course there are the bowl of cereal nights…ANYWAY Ethel will be sharing her expertise in this area so stay tuned!


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