Forgotten Retro Accessories: Hats

Greetings Housewives! Lucy here with a thought that has been nagging for quite some time: What happened to hats? Now, don’t go getting ahead of me. Ethel and I are plenty familiar with winter necessities. Wehappen to live in a nondescript northern location where this is a familiar picture about this time of year: So … Continue reading

It’s been a while….

With the holidays we fell out of our usual routine; yoga, drink dessert, girl talk, repeat. Tonight we are both completely exhausted so we decided to forego the yoga and just drink our dessert. On tonights menu we are making Chocolate Jack. We mixed in these fabulous brownie cookies that are almost guilt-free. 2-3 generous … Continue reading

A Very Lucy and Ethel Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Lucy and Ethel!  We had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving filled with family and we hope you did too! So you may all be asking, “What do Lucy and Ethel do when they have 12 hungry people crowded in the living room?” Well first of all, like many of our adventures, we start … Continue reading

A Scene Right Out of the Sitcom

Hello to our fabulous readers!  Lucy recently celebrated a birthday, which means it is that wonderful time of year when she is older than Ethel… Yay for Eth, boo for Luce.  To celebrate, Ethel planned a fall themed spa night which included pumpkin facials, pumpkin pie foot scrubs, homemade M&M cookie ice cream sandwiches and apple … Continue reading

Double Date Night (Day)

Lucy & Ethel were at it again this weekend!  Our regular Thursday date didn’t happen this week so we made up for it over the weekend.  We had a ladies night on Friday with a bunch of great gals, food and handbags…..  Mmmmmmmm handbags……….  *drool*   Sorry!!  We love a good bag.  That’s for a whole other … Continue reading

“Baked Potato” Soup and Dessert

Ahhh Thursday night. So close to the weekend. And (usually) the evening of Lucy and Ethel’s weekly “date”. Anyone with a best girlfriend should consider a weekly or even twice monthly night “date. Have your friend over for dinner. Take a walk or exercise together. Have adult conversations! Trust us, it is a life saver … Continue reading

Black Bean Salsa/Dip

In case you didn’t know, Lucy and I love Southwest/Mexican food. We love anything cheesey, saucy and all things that include avocado. Ricky and Fred have an Auntie who made this dip a few years ago for a family reunion and I still love it to this day! It has all of our favorite things; … Continue reading

Meal Planning by Ethel

So the original Ricky and Fred always expected Lucy and Ethel to have dinner on the table every night. Well not much has changed since the ‘50s except the responsibilities of a contemporary wife. As Lucy and I can both attest, our days are jammed packed and then some. Meal planning isn’t exactly top priority … Continue reading